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High Risk: A Handbook for the Aftercare of Premature Infants

To provide education and comfort for parents of preemies in a time of need

“In 1998, my son Owen was born two-and-a-half months premature. As new parents thrust into the scary world of apnea monitors, feeding tubes and heart monitors, my wife and I quickly had to learn about the issues our son might confront after he came home. Available information was scattered and too clinical to understand.

“To help others like us, we designed two brochures with all the information I wished we’d had. Clear writing was key, given the demographic spread of typical preemie parents: they tend to have little education and low incomes or be upper-middle class couples who’ve had multiple babies after taking fertility drugs.”
– Doug Hebert,

The primary goal of the handbook is to educate parents by simply and visually explaining 15 common, complicated, life-threatening medical conditions premature infants face. So that parents could always have help handy, we designed the piece to fit into a diaper bag. Eight perforated pages can be torn out and kept even closer for quick reference.

Produced in both English and Spanish, the brochure was reprinted by a major pharmaceutical company who distributes it in NICUs across the country.