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I Can Heal: A Guide for Pancreatic Cancer Patients and Their Families

To deliver information and hope to patients and families affected by this devastating disease

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most devastating forms of the disease. With limited treatment options, only 5 % of patients survive the first year after diagnosis. Making matters worse, comprehensive resources for patients and their families are hard to find.

“After my wife’s father died of the disease, I asked his doctors at M.D. Anderson Hospital, which is on the frontlines of treatment and research, how we could help others in the future. A team of specialists contributed to the content of the project, including a nutritionist, a clinical trials administrator, a nurse practitioner and a supportive care specialist.”
– Doug Hebert,

Because advancements in medicine happen frequently, we divided the material into four small brochures, held together in a slipcase, that could be reprinted individually as needed. While the disease prognosis is grim, we wanted the message to be empowering and bring hope to patients and their families – thus we visually lifted the phrase “I Can” from the term “Pancreatic Cancer.”

The brochure system is distributed in the clinic at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center.